Founder of “Photo Now” Group, Cinematographer & Director

LAI Yat-nam was born in 1978. He enrolled in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 1997 for Diploma in Film and Television. Upon graduation, he continued studying in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television, majoring in Cinematography/Lighting Design and graduated with honour in 2002.

In 2003, he joined Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK, a publicly-funded broadcaster) as Director of Photographer. 2007 his HD Drama “Below the Lion Rock: Farewell Shek Kip Mei” got Chicago International Television Silver Hugo Awards in Special Achievement at Cinematography / Videography.

In addition to be Director of Photographer of RTHK, he insist on creating script and directing his own films. His first short film “Weight Of Light” is an Official Selection of the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2007. In 2008, he joins the Fresh Wave short film workshop project, which is organised by the Hong Kong International Film Festival. And his second short film “Until the Weeping Day” was awarded “Special Mention” in the competition.

2009, he participates in the co-production project between NHK and RTHK TV station. It is a two-hour HD drama, shooting in Hong Kong and Japan. He is the Director of Photographer in this drama.

His first photo exhibition “Tell Me How Not to Think About Her” was display at Fringe Club Hong Kong on 2010. It is about the last moment of Ngau Tau Kok Lower Estate (Hong Kong Public House). A Photo Book will publish this year. He started taking iPhone photographs a year ago. Six months ago he fell in love with using Hipstamatic for street photography.

By using the new technology, he hopes through “The Underground Scene 2012” exhibition, to highlight a new approach to photography.

2012, four featured photographers include Lai Yat Nam, set up “PHOTO NOW” Group. The principles of Photo Now is using documentary snapshots, exploring each corner of the city and recording each special moment. That moment of time is captured each time the shutter is pressed.

2014, Lai joined Television Broadcast Limited as a Senior Visual Producer in Creative Image Department. 2016, he started to participate on film industry. He work on two local movie 《中英街一號》 &《私人會所》as Cinematographer.

Right now, he is prepare his first feature film 《A小調第13號劇場》.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi 赖忆南你好,很喜欢你那组《地下情》作品,我是一名摄影网站的编辑,很希望可以把你那组作品发到我们网站的《青年影像》栏目,希望你可以EMAIL和我联系,期待你的回音。

  2. Hi Mr. Lam,

    This is Anson, I’m contacting you on behalf of the Young Solicitors Group of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

    We are considering about organizing an event on either old Hong Kong or nature in Hong Kong. The event will be themed on taking pictures of Hong Kong just by using a smartphone.

    Would you, or any photographers you know be interested in teaching our members to spend a few hours on a weekend in around June to take good photos of Hong Kong with a smartphone.

    Appropriate payment will of course be negotiated.

    Hope to hear from you soon. You may write back in Chinese if more convenient for you. I can read it.



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